Thursday, December 31, 2009

Blurb for The Wild Irish Sea

I received an extra holiday gift last week, and another little step down the road to publication for my third romantic suspense novel, The Wild Irish Sea.

The book has been listed for pre-order on Amazon for about a month, even though I still don't have a cover (here's a picture for 'inspiration'). But a few days ago, I discovered the order page now boasts this lovely blurb:

Parker O'Neill, using a summer hiatus to explore his familial roots in Ireland, inadvertently witnesses a murder and finds himself fighting for his life on the rugged coast of Donegal. Summoning his twin sister through the telepathic ability they share, she rushes to his rescue.

But to find him, she must enlist the aid of recovering alcoholic and former police inspector Kevin Hennessey, who wants nothing to do with the beautiful American telling him a wild story about murder and danger—all of which she has only seen in her mind.

Each reeling from a painful divorce, they try to keep their relationship on a strictly platonic footing; but the wildness of the sea, the magical legend of a lost selkie prince, and their own desperate efforts to find and save her missing brother before it's too late bring them together on levels neither one could ever have imagined…

If this book sounds a little more 'paranormal' than my previous two, that's because it is! I hope you will all still LOVE this story, which was my first written under contract from just a proposal. It was a challenge for me to write but also very rewarding.


May 2010 be filled with much joy and prosperity for you and your loved ones!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Wonderful Gift!

I have a post up today on Casablanca Authors (just click on the title of this post to go there) about gifts. Plus we are giving away books, including a copy of The Treasures of Venice. Hope you can stop by and leave a comment.

However, I can't resist posting the picture of my niece, her hubby, and her baby boy here too. I know I may be just a wee bit biased, but I think they are the most adorable little family EVER!

My niece and hubby (a man of impeccable taste who absolutely LOVED The Wild Sight) tried for ten years to have a baby on their own. After endless rounds of testing by numerous different doctors, they were finally told that my niece had a genetic condition that left her sterile. So at the beginning of the year, they decided to try the adoption route.

Knowing that it could take several years for them to accomplish their hearts' desires -- an infant -- they settled in for a long wait. Imagine their joy and surprise when they received a call in June that a newborn baby boy was waiting for them!

They had a crib and not much else, so they ran out and bought some blue 'onesies', then stopped at my other niece's house to borrow a car seat to bring their new son home!

This will be little Aiden's first Christmas (pictured above on his first Thanksgiving) and a VERY SPECIAL HOLIDAY for everyone in our family!



Friday, December 18, 2009

Happy Birthday to ME!

Greetings all! I'm off sailing the high seas near Acapulco, Mexico, and undoubtedly enjoying the lovely warm sun!

But since I miss all of you and wish you were here, and it IS my birthday, I thought I'd reprint part of the blog I posted two years ago. It's all about the trials and tribulations of having a birthday close to Christmas.

Another Year Above Ground!

That's what a former boss of mine used to say instead of Happy Birthday. Only within the last few years have I begun to appreciate the significance. And yes, it truly SUX to have your birthday the week before Christmas. First you have to wait ALL YEAR to get any presents, then they all come at once. Second, your birthday gets lost in the shuffle. Parties never come off because everyone is BUSY with the holidays. The weather is crappy (great rationalization to move to the Southern Hemisphere!). Forget anything that's not Christmas themed. My mother was the only person who NEVER wrapped my birthday present in Christmas paper. Sometimes she had to use the comic section of the newspaper, but NEVER Christmas paper.

Finally, DO NOT get me started on the people who try to pull the old "This is your birthday and Christmas present COMBINED" scam! Of course your old Aunty has the perfect cure for that one. I just smile and say, "Really? This is YOUR birthday and Christmas present COMBINED." And when the person looks shocked and says, "But my birthday is in July!" I simply reply, "Too bad."

And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all you other December Babies! May you NEVER receive a combined birthday and Christmas present.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Holidays and Steps Down the Road

It's that time of year again and may I just say: Bah HUMBUG!

I really hate the crass commercialism that has attached itself to the holidays, especially the part about shopping for presents. However, I do love holiday get togethers, and today my local RWA chapter had ours.

We had lots of yummy goodies (including gluten-free gingerbread) and a silent auction of gift baskets and other items. The proceeds from the auction went to a local literacy program. But best of all was the chance to just spend some face time with other writers!

Nobody truly understands the ups and downs of this crazy preoccupation like another writer. Other writers "get it" when you talk about your characters. They can truly empathize about your writing, revisions, and submission woes. They've been there and done that, and have the same scars and war stories. It's really nice to know that I'm not the only one stumbling along this long and rocky road to publication.

And of course, writers are readers too, yet another bonus! In addition to the sympathy, I always get plenty of good book recommendations.

But back to the long and winding road to publication...

I've taken a couple more steps with my third release The Wild Irish Sea. I'm in the midst of reviewing my copyedits even as I type this post, always an exciting step for me! Plus, I just learned that I have a release date: July 6, 2010!


I also finally got my website updated to include a blurb and excerpt (among other things) of The Wild Irish Sea, and was surprised to learn that it is already available for pre-order on Amazon and Books-A-Million! No cover image yet, but I'm still excited to see the listing.

Oh, and please check out my updated website when you get the chance:

Now back to those copyedits...