Sunday, September 30, 2012

Six Sentences from Sidhe Princess

Next Saturday will mark my one year anniversary of wading into the big scary world of Indie publishing. I uploaded my fantasy novelette The Sidhe Princess to SmashWords and Amazon Kindle. So I thought it was fitting this week to share six sentences from that story.

When I wrote my debut novel The Wild Sight, I knew that my hero, Donovan O'Shea had inherited his "gift" of "the Sight" from his mother, who was not happy about her abilities or passing them on to her offspring. I thought it might be fun for readers to get a little glimpse of Moira as a young girl.

So here are six sentences from page six of The Sidhe Princess:

One of the fae, Moira guessed, and the most exquisite wee thing she'd ever seen.

"You can see me as well as hear me, can you not?" asked the small woman. The proud way she stood and the commanding tone she used were not the least bit childlike.

Moira nodded mutely and twisted her hands into her apron. 'Twas not the first time she'd seen or even spoken to other-worldly creatures, though never before had one been so bold in approaching her. Nor so beautiful.

If you haven't read my 14,000 word novelette, it works fine as a stand-alone story and is available on both Amazon and Barnes & Noble
NOW would be a perfect time to read it!


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Three Is a Charm?

 Ten days ago, I released my third "Indie" work, and I can tell you that putting a book out is always exciting and never gets old! Being able to share my work with readers is the thing I love most about writing.

My newest offering is Book 2 in my Adventure Cruise Line series, His Reluctant Bodyguard. This time, the cruise liner Valiant is in the beautiful Caribbean. The assistant cruise director from High Seas Deception, Avery Knox is back on a new ship with new responsibilities -- like guarding one of the passengers. But not just any passenger. The man Avery is suppose to guard, Rip Pollendene is the guy she had a big crush on back in college, and he looks better than ever!

As for Rip, he's been asked by the US government to return to the island of his birth, a place he hasn't lived in twenty years. His homeland is on the brink of civil war and in spite of Rip's disinterest in politics, someone wants him dead. What a time for fate to throw the girl he had never forgotten, Avery Knox back into his life.

Last January 30th, I released Book 1 in the Adventure Cruise Line series, High Seas Deception. This thriller takes place in one of my favorite cruising destinations, the west coast of Mexico. While the cruise ship Intrepid is docked in Puerto Vallarta, the mysterious Irishman steals a passenger's ID and sneaks aboard. He is on a mission to intercept a dangerous package being smuggled on board the ship before it reaches Los Angeles. If he fails, millions could die.

When ACL security officer Skylar Davidson finds the stowaway, she immediately recognizes him as the enigmatic mercenary at the heart of a bloody shoot-out she witnessed two years ago at LAX airport. However, rather than being frightened by the Irishman, she is intrigued, and quickly becomes embroiled in his deadly scheme.With enemies at every turn, will the two of them survive their desperate race through Acapulco?

It was almost a year ago that I decided to dip my toes into the big, scary ocean of Indie publishing. For my first foray, I chose to release a 14,000 word novelette The Sidhe Princess. This dark fantasy story is kind of a prequel to my first published novel, The Wild Sight.

Set in Northern Ireland in 1964, The Sidhe Princess is about sixteen year old Moira Mullins, who possesses "the sight" which allows her to see and hear otherworldly creatures. One of these is a fae princess called The Maid of Ulster. She offers Moira a chance to see into her own future, which the young girl willingly accepts. Too late, Moira learns the ultimate price the Sidhe Princess intends to extract from her, and that sometimes the future is better left unknown.

So there you have my three current offerings, available in ebook format only.You can purchase them on Barnes & Noble or Amazon. Here is a link to my Amazon author page where you can purchase all of my books. Or you can email me for more information.

So what is the next book at the top of your TBR (To Be Read) pile?

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Six Sentences from His Reluctant Bodyguard

I intended to release my newest book last week, His Reluctant Bodyguard, Book 2 in the Adventure Cruise Line series. Unfortunately, some family drama got in the way, but I'm looking to release the book very soon. Meanwhile I thought you might enjoy a little peek at Rip and Avery's story, so here are six sentences from Chapter 6 of His Reluctant Bodyguard.

Rip pressed his ear against the crack between the heavy wooden door and its frame, in a vain attempt to hear anything that might be happening in the corridor.


The temperature in the tiny airless room seemed to grow warmer by the moment, and the sweat on his face made his various cuts and contusions sting. But since his hands were lashed behind his back, he couldn't wipe it away. At least he believed his hands were still there. He'd lost all feeling in them by the time he'd regained consciousness.
Okay, sorry to leave you with that mini cliff-hanger (Aunty grins devilishly). You'll just have to read the rest of the book to find out what happens.