Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Scales Tipped!

WOW! Maybe I should go away more often. Not only do I get a fabulous writer (Trish Milburn) to sub for me and post beautiful piccies, but TWO of my Bandita Buddies have SOLD in the past two weeks!

The always witty and wonderful Kate Carlisle inked a three book deal with NAL for a cozy mystery series. Hop over to the Bandit Blog today to read her very inspiring "Call" story! I especially love how Kate talks about one phone call changing EVERYTHING, because that is exactly how I felt.

Kate's sale left the Banditas evenly split at 10 sold and 10 AYUs, but not for long. Hyperion made phenomenally hard-working (not to mention extremely nice) Kirsten Scott an offer no writer would refuse for the first two books in her new young adult series! But I will let her tell all the details in a few days. Just keep checking Romance Bandits blog, but remember, you heard it here first!As for me, I made my next baby-step down the road to publication, I signed my very first publishing contract today!


Trish Milburn aka Tricia Mills said...

Welcome back, Aunty! Thanks for letting me hog the blog while you were gone.

Aunty Cindy said...

Hey Trish!
I'm glad you were here to keep the place from collecting dust bunnies.

LOVED all the great pics about vacations to Nat'l parks. I know you are not a flying enthusiast but if you EVER make it to Hawaii (and I'm SURE you will someday because it is TOO WONDERFUL to miss) you must go up to the top of Haleakala on Maui! You will LOVE IT and (unlike your decrepit Aunty) you can take some SUPER UNIQUE hikes down into the crater.

hmmm, methinks I'll have to blog about this in the not too distant future...