Friday, December 7, 2007

Embracing My Inner Grinch

I'm blogging over at the Bandit Lair today on things that BUG ME about the holidays. In keeping with our holiday extravaganza, I've even included a cookie recipe and am giving away a couple of little prizes.

And yes, all the incidents I grumbled about REALLY HAPPENED!
  • My Mother-In-Law did send me a check the week before Christmas and asked me to do her shopping for her.
  • My son really was that rude about his gift.
  • And a good friend who obviously suffered short-term memory loss gave me the SAME GIFT (a knife block of all things) two years in a row!
Truth IS stranger than fiction!

Hop on over and "get your Grinch on!" (just click on the title of this post)

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