Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Wild Sight... Top Ten

Okay, I stole this idea from Kelly Krysten. I just discovered her great personal blog (click on the title of this post to go there) and she recently posted " Top Ten Things That Make Your WIP Rock!"

Always one to latch onto a good idea, I now proudly present The Top Ten Things YOU (the reader) Will Love about The Wild Sight:
  1. Donovan (and it's not an accident that he bears in uncanny resemblance to Hugh Jackman) and his psychic "gift"
  2. Rylie and her sassiness. (but as Han Solo once said of Princess Leia, "She's got a lot of spunk to go with that sass.")
  3. The way Donovan and Rylie can't keep their hands off each other. (This is a romance after all.)
  4. The beautiful Irish countryside, and the real locales like the Giant's Causeway (pictured) and Rathlin Island.
  5. Rylie's first meeting with her biological father.
  6. The underlying theme of parent/child relationships, especially father/child.
  7. Doreen, the bossy older sister. (Ask my siblings where I came up with the idea for that character!)
  8. Jeremy Heany, "... not a bad sort for a lawyer..."
  9. The Niall Marker (see my previous blog entry on Feb. 28th for more on this one)
  10. How many ways can the Irish cook potatoes? (That's a picture of boxty.)
Of course there are many more things *I* love about the story, and I believe you will too! Most of my critique partners, beta readers, and friends who have read some sample chapters have loved the paranormal aspects and the ancient Celtic stuff.

If you are one of these lucky few, please share in the comments! If not (only 174 more days to wait!), please tell me your own top ten (or two or three) things you love about your favorite book or Work In Progress.

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