Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Numbers Game

When he was a wee little lad, my son loved to watch Sesame Street. I remember at the end of every episode they would say, "This show was brought to you by the letters ___ and ___ and by the number ___."

So in the tradition of Sesame Street, this blog post is brought to you by the number 24. There are still 24 hours in every day, aren't there? The reason I'm asking is because lately it hasn't felt like that to me.

I'm writing a book with a contracted deadline for the first time ever! And while the deadline is currently months away, I know that the time will fly by. I also know that I'm not one of those writers who can spill out a bunch of words in a crunch. My way is slow and steady, which means I need to steadily turn out words. I've been working hard on that for the past few weeks, along with trying to get ready for this two week jaunt to Turkey.


By this time next week, I'll be gazing at the ruins of Troy. Now if I could just run into a guy who looked like Eric Bana's version of Hector... You might never see Yer Olde Aunty again! HA!

Meanwhile, the number 24 is taunting me. "That's all you get every day between now and the time you leave!"

"NO FAIR!" I say. I need more hours! I'm not ready! And please DO NOT mention the up-coming holidays!


Helen said...

Aunty Cindy you will get there but I know exactly what you mean some days just fly by so quickly and the busier you are the quicker it goes.
You are going to have a wonderful holiday and I hope you find an Eric Banner look a like but you need to come home and finish the book because I really want to read it

Have Fun

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

Hi Helen,
Well, ready or not, I will be leaving on Wed! :-P As the DH is fond of saying, I'm not going to the moon, so if I forget something, I can always buy it there.

I just passed the 14,000 word mark on the new Irish tale, but don't forget, Jewels of the Madonna will be out first. I'm just waiting for my revisions on it. ;-)

Oh, and that piccie of EB as Hector Prince of Troy in battle regalia is chiefly for Jane's benefit.


Jane said...

Thanks for the pic, AC. I wish I was going to Turkey, too. I've always wanted to see the Library at Ephesus. Don't forget to contact me if you see Eric or his look-alike.

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

Hey Jane,
I knew you'd like it! My only gripe with the piccie is that the helmet covers his hair. Eric's hair was esp. lush and YUMMY in that film. I remember he complained on one of the talk shows about how long he had to sit while the hairdresser fussed with it. He said it gave him a new appreciation of what women go through.

Of course, last time I saw him on Leno, his head was SHAVED!!! What a tragedy! :-(

You'll be the first to know if any of the Turks look half so good as our tall lean Aussie-boy.