Sunday, December 21, 2008

Turkish Delight!

We had a FANTASTIC trip to Turkey! The tour far exceeded our expectations and we had an outstanding tour guide. Among some of the wonderful sights we saw were the ruins of Troy, the ruins of Ephesus, Pergamon (Yup, also ruins!), the Roman baths and necropolis at Pamukkale, the underground cities and "fairy chimneys" of Cappadocia, and Attaturk's monument in Ankara.

If you'd like to see and read about the underground cities, I posted about them on the Bandit blog last Thursday (just click on the title of this blog post to go there).

Meanwhile, Aunty is enough of a Grinchy Scrooge that I was HAPPY to be in a country where 98% of the population doesn't celebrate Christmas. I didn't have to listen to any Christmas carols repeated ad nauseam, and the only Christmas decoration I saw was one funky black tree with white lights in a mall window in Konya.

Please check back here for more of my travel adventures in Turkey... as soon as I can figure out how to crop and resize my pictures! Here's an attempt to show you the main street of Ephesus looking down from the Forum to the Celcius library.


Helen said...

What a wonderful trip you have had so many memories so many ideas for new books glad you had a wonderful time.

Well it is Christmas Eve here in Oz already and the carols are playing and I love lisening to them the news reports say that Santa is being tracked in his sleigh and Jayden keeps telling me he has been a good boy LOL and the babies are doing really well and Hayley just loves to pull the decorations of the tree so there are no decorations around the bottom of it they have all been moved higher so as she can't reach them. I am really looking forward to watching their faces tomorrow morning.

To you and your family have a wonderful Chrissy and New Year filled with love happiness and peace.

Have Fun

Jane said...

When I read your post on the Bandits blog, I felt like I was watching an episode of "Cities of the Underground" on the History Channel. It was so fascinating. That's one of my favorite shows. They did an episode on Cappadocia last season. Happy Holidays.

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

Thank you Helen!

Hope you and your family have a WONDERFUL Chrissy too! Wish I were there in the nice warm sunshine. :-( Plus, I know it will be such fun to watch Hayley and Jayden opening their presents. Of course, YOU got the best presents of all, 2 beautiful healthy new grandbabies! SUPER CONGRATS again to you!!!!

I'm sure 2009 is going to be a FANTASTIC YEAR for all of us!


Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

Happy Holidays to you and yours, Jane!

Glad you enjoyed the post about the Underground Cities. I don't get the History Channel but that program sounds like one I'd enjoy. Hope you can visit Turkey one day in the not too distant future!