Thursday, September 24, 2009

Launch Party Pics and Help Wanted


Okay, I'm not really here. I'm out cruising the beautiful Sea of Cortez, but I was afraid you might be lonely. Or (GASP!) forget all about me, so I've left this post behind to appear while I'm lounging about reading, eating waaay too many desserts, and letting handsome men with accents wait on me. Ah yes, life on a cruise ship is good...

A week before I left, I threw a Launch Party (see, I was thinking of boats and cruising even then) to celebrate the release of The Treasures of Venice. It was a really fun party, and I wish ALL OF YOU could have been there, but here are a couple of pictures to show you what you missed:

Just like last year's party for The Wild Sight, we had a beautiful and yummy cake with the cover of the book screen printed onto the top.

Let's see that just a little closer... And it tasted just as good as it looked!

And also like last year, Aunty happily signed books for everyone who wanted an autograph. Here is my friend (and former co-worker) LaVerna and her friend, Beverly watching to be sure Aunty spells their names correctly!

And since we are on the subject of names, Aunty has a favor to ask...

Just so you know that it is not ALL fun and games on the cruise ship, I am working on a proposal for a new book! Yes, this will be another romantic suspense with paranormal elements, and YES, of course, there will be another Irish Hunk Hero!

But I am having a hard time deciding on a name for my newest heroine. So I've decided to ask the members of my newsletter group help me pick a name. If you'd like to help too, just sign up to receive my newsletter. There's a button over on the blog sidebar! Plus group members get to read exclusive excerpts from my next release The Wild Irish Sea. And you never know when Aunty will be distributing gifts to newsletter members... Maybe I'll pick up some souvenirs in Mexico. Like maracas, jewelry, chocolates filled with tequila?!?!

Hasta luego, amigos!


Sheila Deeth said...

Okay, I signed up. The cruise sounds great. The desserts sound delicious. And the launch cake looks wonderful!

TerriOsburn said...

I'm on the email group, but I haven't seen an email. Hmmmm....

Have fun and remember the sunblock!!! Oh, and have a fruity drink for me.

Jane said...

Have a wonderful time, Aunty Cindy. I'll have to think of some names.

Helen said...

OK I am in the newsletter group and will be putting my thinking cap on. You are way to good to us

I am sure you are having a great time can't wait to hear all about the cruise and of course the new book

Have Fun

We would never forget you Aunty Cindy

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...


Yes, I missed you all! It was a FUN cruise even though the weather was unbelievably HOT! UGH! And the last night the seas were the roughest we've ever had on a cruise. Thank goodness the DH and I do not have motion sickness!

Sheila, thanx for signing up and the cake was DELISH! Wish you could have been there.

Terri, I haven't sent a newsletter out since Sept. 9th. I'll be sending another about naming my heroine in a few days.

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

Jane and Helen,
Please email me if you have suggestions. I'm going to put up a poll for the newsletter group to chose from 3 or 4 names.

MISSED YOU and am glad to be home,