Saturday, April 30, 2011

Fan Mail and Andorra

Ever since The Wild Sight was offered as a free download back in March, all three of my books have experienced an upsurge in sales of their ebook versions. I'm thrilled, of course, because that means more readers are finding and enjoying my stories.

This is the reason I write -- to entertain readers!

A nice benefit of gaining new readers is receiving fan mail. Hearing from readers really does make all the other hassles that go with being a published author worthwhile! When someone takes the time to send me a note to tell me they liked one of my stories, I am so very gratified!

NO! I never get tired of getting fan mail as one reader asked not long ago. While it is true that I don't receive lots of mail, I can't imagine a time when I wouldn't be excited to hear from readers. For example, last week I got a post card from Andorra!

I've wanted to visit this tiny country on the mountainous border between Spain and France for years. I first learned of Andorra's existence when I was a young teen and read Mary Stewart's book Thunder on the Right, which is set in the Pyrenees near that area.

Well, one of my readers went on vacation there recently and she took a copy of The Wild Sight on her Kindle to read while on her holiday. And she was nice enough to send me a post card while she was there.

So BIG THANX to Hidi! And to everyone who has taken the time to write to me and let me know that you read one of my books and liked it! I truly appreciate your support more than I can say. Please keep those cards, letter, and emails coming!

What is the last out-of-the-way place you visted? Or maybe there's one on your list of places to see? Please share with Aunty and the rest of us!


Helen said...

I am so glad more people are reading your books AC they really are great stories.

I haven't really been any place exotic since we went on our cruise about 8 years ago but I would so love to go on another cruise. I have to go back to work today after having 5 weeks off and I tell you dreaming about visiting far away places is going to keep me going today LOL

Have Fun

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

OH NO! Helen, so sorry your 5 weeks of holiday are over. WHAT A BUMMER! But hey, you got to spend lots of time with those wonderful Grandkiddies, including the sweet NEW little boy, Josh!

I hope you make it to California someday soon. I'd love to show you around our beautiful state!


Jane said...

I've heard that Andorra is beautiful. My cousin got to go to Luxembourg for a few days for work.

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

Hi Jane!
All the piccies I've seen of Andorra are beautiful -- all gorgeous mountains.

I missed Luxembourg, but I did cross through Lichtenstein once traveling from Switzerland to Austria. :-)