Saturday, May 26, 2012

#23 Or Things I Love About Cruising

People ask me why I like cruising so much, and I always say, "What's not to love?" You have beautiful surroundings, great food, and friendly people waiting on you hand and foot.

And many of those friendly people happen to be good-looking men with accents! What romance reader or author wouldn't love that?!?! Yours truly certainly does, and here are a few piccies taken on my latest cruise to show you just what I'm blathering about.

 Cruise #23 was on board the Splendor, a ship we've sailed twice before. One of the first people we saw after we boarded in Long Beach was the nice young man who had been our assistant waiter in December. Nanang recognized us immediately and came over to talk!

 We also ran into our former waiter from last December, Enrico, who told us the happy news that he and his wife had recently welcomed a new baby boy.

Since we reserved "anytime" dining, we always asked for one of Enrico and Nanang's tables and they served us almost every night.

One night when all of Enrico's tables were occupied, we were lucky enough to be seated at a nearby table with Eddie from Bosnia as our server. Even my DH commented that this good-looking waiter could probably be a male model. What do you think? Can you picture him on the cover of a romance novel?  (Yes indeed, Aunty likes the tall ones!)

Not surprisingly, lots of single women asked to be seated at "Fast Eddie's" tables, but notice who he has his arm around! LOL!

"Fast Eddie" and one of the other waiters who worked at the nearby tables were great jokesters. The other guy had the unlikely name of Tom Cruz!  All the diners couldn't help but leave smiling with these two around.

So here's Aunty getting a hug from Tom Cruz! LOL!

So my "secret" is out. I love cruising because of the fun people I meet. Some of those people happen to be good-looking men with accents who serve me wonderful food. Not to mention provide inspiration for future characters! Do you blame me for being a cruise fanatic?

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Anonymous said...

Some day I hope I can travel like you do. It's what I always dreamed about. A cruise sounds so much fun. Love the pictures.