Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year and Hiatus

Happy New Year!

2012 certain flew by quickly! I hope it was a wonderful year for you and yours and that 2013 is even better!

As anyone who has attempted it will tell you, writing a book is a lot of work, not to mention time consuming. My goal for 2012 was to release two new books and I'm happy that I accomplished it! I released High Seas Deception on Jan. 30, 2012 and His Reluctant Bodyguard on Sept. 14, 2012. My other writing, including this blog, definitely suffered from neglect because of the time I devoted to my books.

My new goal for 2013 is to have THREE new releases -- two novels and a novella/novelette. Since this is an even more ambitious goal than last year (and I feel a necessary step for me to grow as an author), I know I'll have even less time to devote to things other than writing. Therefore, I have decided to take in indefinite hiatus from Aunty Cindy Explains It All. I may occasionally post something (like a new book cover) from time-to-time but for the immediate future, I won't be posting here on a regular basis.

You can still keep up with me on my website (link on the sidebar) or on my FaceBook Author Page. 
Again, hope we all have an excellent 2013!

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Suzanne Lilly said...

I have total confidence you'll meet your goals! Good luck and I'll see you at the SVR meetings!