Thursday, June 28, 2007

Another Day, Another Rejection

One of my favorite quotes is attributed to Woody Allen and goes something like this: “If you aren’t failing now and then, you aren’t in the business.”

NOBODY knows this better than an AYU writer, or any writer for that matter. We get our proof of being in the business all the time. THE DREADED REJECTION.

Some writers keep a scrapbook of their rejections. I’ve heard of others who paper their office (or more fittingly, their bathroom) with them. Others ceremoniously destroy them.

One of my CPs claims there is a Cosmic Number of rejections that every writer must receive before they sell. Of course, the catch here is that you never know what your number is. All I know is, whatever MY number: a) it is quite large (over 3 digits) and, b) I MUST be getting close. PLEASE!

As part of my campaign to develop the needed thick writer’s hide necessary for survival in this business, I’ve set myself a goal of “A Rejection A Day.” To facilitate this goal, in the past 8 weeks I’ve sent out 18 queries and 5 partials (only one unsolicited). For awhile there, I really was getting back one (or more!) rejection a day. However, lately they’ve fallen off to dribbles and drabs.

Yesterday, I received my first rejection in over a week. It was from BIG NAME AGENT “B”, and I’d been expecting it. Deep down in my totally insecure little AYU writer’s heart, I knew I couldn’t land Big Name Agent. Plus, it had been over a month, and previous experience has shown me that the longer they take, the less likely it will be positive. At least B.N. Agent “B” softened the blow by saying some nice things, including an invitation to submit future work.

So if I’m to keep meeting my goal and toughening my hide, it’s time to send out more queries and proposals. UGH! I really hate this part of “…being in the business.”

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