Saturday, June 2, 2007

Terrible Twos

Some fun and games from my BFF, Whit…

2 names you answer to:
1) Cindy
2) Hey, you!

2 pets you have/had:
My current pets are
1) The Belle (and it’s ALL ABOUT The Belle!)
2) Missy Autumn

2 places you’d like to be:
1) any place with a beach (though a tropical beach is preferred)
2) New Zealand, because I’ve never been there. But after seeing the LOTR movies, I’m FROTHING to go!

2 most important traits in a friend/lover:
1) honesty
2) sense of humor

2 foods you can’t live without:
1) chocolate (in any way, shape or form)
2) Pepsi (I’m forced to drink caffeine free diet, but it’s still Pepsi!)

2 things you really want:
1) to be healthy (as in ditch those 5 Rx I currently take)
2) to have my book published! I don’t care which one, just ONE of them PUBLISHED!

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