Monday, July 16, 2007

Moving Day

UGH! I HATE moving, even if it is only moving my blog through cyber-space.

You see, back when we were starting up the Romance Bandit blog, I did a little investigating of the various blog platforms and actually started my own personal blog on WordPress. It was strictly for fun and I mostly put up the posts I did on the Bandit blog. Then around about June 3rd, I took a look at the stats WordPress keeps and discovered that I actually had some readers! Well, that was all it took! The idea that someone might actually READ what I wrote spurred me to take my personal blog seriously. Soon I'd had over 100 visitors and I was THRILLED.

Of course, shortly after that WordPress decided to deny me access to my dashboard, so I could no longer write or post!

The course of true love AND blogging... you know the rest.

I emailed their support and did receive a timely response. I was told to clean out my cache (EXcuse me?), reload the page, and "it wouldn't hurt" to upgrade my internet access device of choice. I dutifully did the first two, multiple times in fact, but to no avail. I finally broke down and upgraded, even defragged my hard drive. NO GOOD. *heavy sigh*

That was nine days ago. I decided it was time to cut my losses and relocate.

SO HERE I AM! Unfortunately, I won't be able to transfer the comments, but I'm looking forward to everyone leaving new ones. And I'm trying to keep the original dates of the posts. I eliminated most of the stuff that wound up on the Bandit Blog, so you'll just have to mosey on over there to read them.

Now I just have to figure out how to access and actually USE Google Analytics. Yes, I'm a nerd for stats, but how else am I supposed to know if I have readers?!?! Oh yeah, YOU COULD LEAVE A COMMENT!


Sassy said...

Hey my Favorite Writer,
OK I figured this BLOG thing out. I think it's very therapeutic to have a place to put your thoughts down. Although when I was a kid it was a "diary" and I guarded it with my life. But I enjoyed reading your entries. Gives me a better feel for what you are going through. Can only the people you give the blog address to access it, or anyone?

micheled1109 said...

The life of a blogger.........
Actually, I am sorry to say that I only remember to check your blog when you send me an e-mail after all, some of us must remain employed. :(

Aunty Cindy said...


Yes, Michele, keep working away and paying into CalPERS so I can draw my retirement. HAHAHA!

Sassy, I had a diary too AND a journal (still do). THANX a BUNCH for saying I'm your Favorite Writer, that means A LOT, esp. on those multi-rejection days. And ANYBODY in cyberspace can access this blog, but they'd either need to have the blogsite addy or stumble on it via search engine or something. That's part of the allure, I think. You NEVER KNOW who might happen by and read it.

Hope you both come back soon!

micheled1109 said...

See Cindy, I came back since you reminded me and told me that you had a response waiting for me! So as I am trudging along in State service (to fund my own retirement, by the way) I will think about the writing life of a former State employee.