Sunday, September 16, 2007

How I Met My Editor

If you would like to read "the rest of the story" about how I got THE CALL, please hop on over to the Romance Bandits Blog:

Yes, I met my editor (2 of my favorite words in the English language right now! Second only to publishing contract!) because of the Golden Heart contest. A contest I was bullied into entering by my friend Willie!

No, my editor did NOT buy my Golden Heart finalist manuscript.

Yes, my CP Jo had to "kick my arse" to get me to submit to my editor again.

And remember all those stories you've heard about coincidental meetings in bars, lobbies, and even elevators? Truth is stranger than fiction!


jo robertson said...

Thanks for giving me credit for kicking your butt, AC! I'm not sure I deserve it all. After all, YOU'RE the one who ultimately had to DO IT!!

Aunty Cindy said...

Believe me, Jo-Mama, you DO! And who else has so much butt kicking experience, between your kids and your students?

Oh, and you are a pretty darn fine cheerleader too!

Thanx a BUNCH for everything!