Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My New/OId Name

I'd always planned to write under a pseudonym but now it appears that the name I will be using is the name I was given at birth, Loucinda McGary. I haven't used this name in quite a few years, decades actually, and I can already see that it will take time to get used to it. In fact, I cruised by the Bandit blog a few days ago and I had to do a double take before I recognized that strange name under my picture!

I've never used my "real" first name except on legal documents, but I always intended to use in when I was published. To me, "Cindy" conjures up images of the too-perky cheerleader, or a precocious five-year-old with an over-sized lollypop. "Loucinda" is someone you take seriously.

As for my last name, six little letters that nobody seems to get right. That's how I felt all the years I was growing up and got called McGray, McGrary, McGarrity... I think in the four years of high school, the school got my first and last names spelled correctly exactly once. Luckily that one time was on my diploma! I have no illusions that things have changed. I'm sure most people will continue to get my name wrong, but I DON'T CARE! As long as they buy and read the book!

Death in the Fens by Loucinda McGary

Make a note! You read about it here FIRST and will continue to read about it for the next year or more, so prepare yourself.


Tawny said...

Hmmm, did I tag Loucinda (love that, btw) or Auntie Cindy...

lol - tagged one of you - 8 random facts, check it out.

Aunty Cindy said...

UH OH! My FIRST Tag for a Meme, I MUST be coming up in the world. Thanx Tawny, I think...

And you and my DH are probably the only 2 people on the planet who claim to LIKE the name Loucinda (with an "o").