Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hello? Hollywood???

All right, I can't keep this to myself any longer.

Remember that starred review I got from Publishers Weekly? Well, somebody besides us insecure and slightly paranoid writers must read those. Somebody in Hollywood, maybe?

They must because a few days ago, I received an inquiry from Creative Artists Agency, who happen to be one of THE BIGGEST talent agencies in Hollywood (I know because I googled them). They asked me about the film and TV rights for The Wild Sight! Don't know where else they could have heard of me except for Publishers Weekly.

Yes, my feet have not touched the floor since then. I know this is a looong way from seeing my book on either the small or the big screen. Or even selling the options. But it IS a step! A step I could not have even imagined myself taking!


Helen said...

Aunty Cindy
I am so happy for you celebrate every step along the way this is sure to be the start of something big, truly words can't describe how happy I am for you.WAY TO GO GIRL.

I have ordered by copy of The Wild Sight and Rendezvous have told me I should have it the first week in October can't wait to read it.

Huge hugs and congrats Aunty Cindy Luv Ya

Have Fun

Jane said...

Big congrats, AC. Have you cued the 80's music yet? Let's do the Snoopy dance. I'm already picturing Eric Bana in the movie.

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

Thanx sooo much Helen! Esp. for pre-ordering, as I'm told those pre-orders all count on the all important first week sales.

Having you and Jane and Terrio and the other Banditas and friends to support me has been the very best part of all this long and crazy journey!


Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

LOL Jane!
I don't think I've stopped Snoopy Happy Dancing since I got the starred review. I may NEVER STOP!

And rest assured my dear lil friend, if our beloved EB IS in the movie (I'm picturing him as a nekkid Celtic warrior! HUBBA HUBBA!!!), you and I will be right there ON THE SET! I won't go without you!