Sunday, January 4, 2009

Good-Bye 2008

The first week of a NEW YEAR!

And just like I do every year, I've been looking back over the year that just passed, seeing where I've been, what I've done, where I'm going... Hmmm, I guess waxing a bit philosophical comes with the territory at the start of a new year.

One year ago today, I launched my website (! Since then, I've had several thousand visitors from all over the world. I've also received a few "fan emails" from the contact page on the website and those always thrill and excite me.

This time last year, I was fretting over my first release which had NO title, NO cover, and NO release date! Well, in spite of all my fussing and fuming, those things happened in due time, and eventually, I saw the fulfillment of my BIGGEST DREAM!


There really is nothing else to quite compare, although in November I had something come pretty close: My publisher offered me a contract for TWO MORE BOOKS!

After all these years of trying and dreaming, I feel like in 2008 I finally arrived. I am an AUTHOR!

So much for what I did in 2008. Where am I going in 2009? Honestly, I want to do more of the same: keep writing and selling books! I learned a lot about writing, publishing and promotion in 2008, and I know I still have a lot to learn.

Writing and publishing can be a difficult, frustrating, and sometimes disappointing process, truly a journey and not a destination. While I'm happy to be making this journey, I do think I'm being a bit more realistic about it in 2009 than I have been in the past.

Care to share your memories of 2008 and plans for 2009 with me?


Helen said...

Aunty Cindy

2008 was a fantastic year for you and as an avid reader I read some fantastic books one of which was The Wild Sight and of course I had the added excitment of 2 new grandsons I am not sure whether or not 2009 can be better for me anyway.

Truly if I could wish for anything in 2009 it would be to retire I have been off work on holidays for nearly 5 weekes and tomorrow is my last day I am back to work on Wednesday and apparently things have changed a bit for the worse as far as I can make out and I really don't want the stress of it all when I can be at home reading and spending time with the ever growing family, but we all need money to live on and I need to buy books so it is back to the grindstone for me and I am really looking forward to your next book.

Have Fun

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

AWWW! Thank you Helen, for being my #1 fan!

I hear you on the retirement thing. The last 9 months I worked at my dreaded day job, I took a voluntary demotion and it was STILL H*LL! It seems the closer you get to retirement, the more difficult work becomes. Just remember that the bulk of it is behind you and someday soon, you WILL have all the free time you want to spend with those LOVELY grandchildren and reading.

I don't see how you could top 2008 either. TWO new grandsons has to be THE BEST holiday gift ever!!!


Jane said...

Congrats on having a fabulous 2008. Here's to a great 2009. Nothing major happened to me in 2008. Just looking forward to a healthier economy and hopefully things will get less stressful because of these tough times. Can't wait to read some great books in 2009.

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

Hey Jane,
A healthier economy would be a WONDERFUL GIFT for 2009! Keeping my fingers xxed that it happens, or at least starts in that direction!

Keep up posted on the hunt for the Great Books,