Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Wild Sight Is A WINNER!

Just a quick note to pass along some WONDERFUL news. The Wild Sight is a winner in the Houston Romance Writers "Judge A Book By Its Cover"contest!

It's no secret that I have loved the cover since the moment I first saw it, and many other people have expressed the same opinion, so I entered the contest.

It is the third place winner in the Romantic Suspense category. To view the five winners in Romantic Suspense just click on the title of this post.

Of course, the REAL credit goes to the Sourcebooks Art Department who created the gorgeous cover, but I am thrilled and will happily take any part of the credit I can get!


Jane said...

Congrats, Aunty Cindy. It's time for another celebration. Happy Valentine's Day.

Helen said...

Huge congrats Aunty Cindy and as Jane has already said time for more celebrations.
And from me as well Happy Valentines Day

Have Fun

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

Thanx a bunch, Jane and Helen!

I have received so many compliments on the cover that I really do wish I could legitimately claim some credit. LOL!

I had my first book signing yesterday and the B&N employee who set it up commented on what a beautiful cover I had! When I told him it had just won a contest, he said he wasn't surprised. From someone who looks at book covers all day, I consider that the highest compliment!

Passing out the cyber-bubbly