Monday, May 25, 2009

Double Digits and An Early Review!

As of today, The Treasures of Venice will be released in 99 more days.

We are down to double digits! YAY!

Plus, a few days ago The Treasures of Venice received its very first review! BIG THANX to Wendy Hines of Armchair Interviews who had this to say about my baby:

"The Treasures of Venice is a captivating story of romance, suspense, and historical legend. Painted against a beautiful backdrop of romantic Venice, Loucinda McGary quickly draws you in with the legend of the Jewels of the Madonna. I was entranced from page one and loved it!"

To read the entire review, just click on the title of this blog entry. And sorry, but I LURVE the cover so much I can't resist posting it every chance I get.

And another little piece of good news -- The Treasures of Venice has been available for pre-order on Amazon for several weeks, but there is now a product description and here it is:

When American librarian Samantha Lewis and Irish rogue Keirnan Fitzgerald set off to find priceless jewels, they become embroiled in a 500-year-old love story that eerily prefigures their own...

In 15th century Venice, beautiful and wealthy Serafina falls in love with Nino, a young Florentine sculptor. They decide to flee to Padua, and to fund the trip, Nino copies a set of jewels that then disappear.

In modern-day Venice, Keirnan needs Samantha's help to locate the jewels so he can pay his sister's ransom. Samantha must decide whether the man she's so drawn to is her soul mate from a previous life...or are they merely pawns in a relentless quest for a priceless treasure?

I'm proud to say that the last sentence is lifted directly from my original query letter. ;-)

99 days and counting...


Allison said...

How awesome!! Can't wait to read it!!

Helen said...

I am jumping up and down here in Australia for you Aunty Cindy a fantastic review.

And as I read this blog there is only 97 days I have to wait till I can read this one WooHoo

Have Fun

Jane said...

Congrats on the rave review.

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

Thanx everyone!

Her plot summary was a bit confusing, but as long as she LOVED it, I don't mind. ;-)

And YAY! Only 97 days DownUnder!


terrio said...

Only 93 days now! (It pays to be late sometimes. LOL!)

That's a great blurb and go you on that being in the query. Just another thing I'll have to hit you up for advice on when I get to it. LOL!

Can't wait to read this!

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

Hey Terrio!

Getting closer everyday!

And when you FTFD (Finish The First Draft), I'll be happy to snap the crop... er, um ENCOURAGE you with writing your query letter.


Caffey said...

Oh an early one and great raves! I shall go check it out! Congrats