Sunday, June 27, 2010

Author Copies & Shirtless Hunks

I received my author copies a few days ago, and Amazon says they are shipping copies, which means that The Wild Irish Sea should be showing up on bookstore shelves any day now! Yes, it's over a week early, but the same thing happened with The Treasures of Venice.

So please, if you DO see the book on a store shelf, LET ME KNOW! And I'd really appreciate it if you would pass the word along.

I will admit that I am not as thrilled as I have been the other two times I received my author copies. Yes, the book looks BEAUTIFUL! Even more than the jpeg... However, I was surprised to see that my publisher changed the back cover copy and didn't tell me. The new back cover doesn't make any mention of paranormal elements or mental telepathy, which I believe are crucial ingredients in this story. I'm afraid that readers who LIKE paranormal elements might not buy the book, and I'm even more afraid that readers who do NOT like anything paranormal will buy the book and be disappointed.

Here is the new back cover copy, and I'd LOVE your opinion:

Drawn to a force he can't resist...
Former police officer Kevin Hennessey is running from his past-choosing to battle smugglers instead of dealing with his personal demons. When a desperate, rain-drenched American woman appears on his doorstep with wild tales of danger, Kevin is drawn to helping her, despite his reservations...

She never saw him coming...
Amber O'Neill knew without a doubt that her brother was in mortal danger. Rushing heedlessly to the rocky shores of Ireland, Amber was stunned to find her rescue mission derailed by a gorgeous, but deeply flawed Irishman...

The tumultuous sea, the intertwined fates of the coastal villagers, and unearthly tales of a hidden selkie prince bring Kevin and Amber together in a connection of mind, body, and soul that neither can deny...

I also received another wonderful review from Kay at Pudgy Penguin Reviews: "Once again Loucinda McGary managed to mentally transport me to Ireland entertaining me along the way with a little bit of romance, mixed in with a few dangerous characters and some magical elements. Let's just say I'll never look at a seal again with the same feelings. Are they really seals? Some of it may have been a stretch of the imagination, but it still made for a fun story."

However, she wasn't very enthusiastic about my cover (and neither were several of her commenters): Despite the book having one of "those" covers, I did enjoy it. Honestly, the cover would have grabbed me just with the spume beating against the rocks and the thatched cottage in the background.

I will admit that she is not the first reader who disliked the "shirtless hunks" on my covers. People either seem to LOVE them or HATE them. Once again, I would love to have your opinion!

Please tell Aunty what you think of book covers with shirtless hunks?


Jane said...

Congrats on receiving your author copies, Aunty Cindy. Not cool that they didn't notify you of the change. I love shirtless hunks. It does seem that the headless torso covers are still going strong.

Caffey said...

Hi Cindy! Huge congrats on the early release! They don't seem as strict with releasing the paperbacks as they do with the hardcovers on the exact release date. I haven't ventured anywhere but to PT but if I do for sure I'll take a pic and let you know! Oh wow, I'm surprised they left that out! Does it have anything like on the side of the book saying 'paranormal romance' or anything? Maybe when they print more they can make the change? You did let them know at the pub of their error? I see your name, so I know I will buy it! And I'm sure other readers of yours, but I understand what you mean about those who haven't read yours and discover it wanting to know the genre.

There are some readers who are tired of the shirtless covers, or the headless covers, etc. But then there are those who love the covers with great pics of the hero. So with the cover just being part of the package of the book, not being the whole thing, and that this is what publishers are doing right now with covers and you pretty much have no say in the covers, they'd do better if they have issues to bring it up with the publisher. It basically has nothing to do with you as the author for the cover. So maybe when they mention it, to mention that its the discretion of the publisher on what they use and if you have some ideas of covers you may want to share them with the publisher. For me, I am so not picky! I love a beautiful cover with the hero on it, with scenery, and yep I love them too shirtless. So me, I have no problems with the shirtless covers. And those who prefer not to be seen with those covers and always get a book cover (I know a couple places that have simple leather like ones that actually protect the covers and easy to use as well as others that are material that are pretty! I have links if you need. Just keep writing those beautiful stories Cindy!

Caffey said...

Oh I have a funny story to tell you on covers.

Not long ago, I had ordered a book that they were out of at the store before my surgery. So when I was home, they left a message that it was in. So I sent my hubby to pick it up. He sent a hilarious text to me saying 'oh my gosh, I stood in line with a book with a nekkid man on it with no head. You can't send me to pick up your books no more!' I was laughing reading it and when he came home, he was laughing too. This guy loves to tease me about my reading. That was priceless!

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

Hey Jane,
Glad you enjoy the shirtless hunks. You're right, they show no signs of going away.


Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

Hi Caffey!

HUGS! So good to 'see' you again and hope you are feeling better.

I hope that you are right and all my readers will pick up The Wild Irish Sea when they see my name. For new readers, I can only hope that they are pleasantly surprised by the paranormal elements in the story.


Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

ROFLOL Caffey!

At least your husband was a good sport about buying a book with a half-nekkid man on the cover. I doubt mine would do that. ;-)