Monday, August 22, 2011

5 Landmarks

August is winding down and here in Nor Cal so are vacations. As mentioned in a previous post, we took an early vacation this year to Mackinac Island and had a fabulous time. But then, I seldom have a bad time on vacation!

I love to go and see new places and I've been lucky enough to visit so many of the wonderful places I read about as a child and young adult. All this led me to thinking about some of my favorite landmarks that I once studied in school and got a chance to see for myself up close and personal.

Here then are my Top 5 Landmarks In the USA:

  1. The Grand Canyon -- Truly lives up to all the hype. I've been to it several times -- even got food poisoning there once! -- and am always awestruck.
  2. Mount Rushmore -- Ever since I saw the movie "North by Northwest" when I was a kid, I wanted to see "the faces" as my DH calls them. We finally made it there about ten years ago and it was well worth the trip! I found the film about how the carvings were done every bit as interesting as Rushmore itself.
  3. The Washington Monument -- As far as man made landmarks go, this is a BIGGIE in my opinion. On my very first trip to Washington DC back in the mid-1990s, I found the Washington Monument way more impressive than either the Capitol or the White House.
  4. Old Faithful -- I'd seen a gazillion photos, films, even cartoons about the famed geyser, so of course, it was the first place I headed on my first visit to Yellowstone Park. The whole park is full of fantastic sights, but Old Faithful truly is the crowning jewel. I had to sit around waiting for 45 minutes, but once the geyser actually erupted it was spectacular!
  5. The USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor -- Being a history buff, I'd read and seen tons of info on the memorial built over the sunken battleship. Since WWII was before my time (and even before my parents' time) I didn't think visiting the memorial would be such a moving experience. I was wrong. I've gone back every time I've been on Oahu because it truly is that compelling. I even took my then-15-year-old nephew once and he was equally moved.
I had a really difficult time narrowing down my list to only five! So please, tell me what are some of YOUR favorite landmarks? And you don't have to stick to the US.


Kathleen O said...

Mine would be.
1. The CN Tower in Toronto Canada. I have never been up there, but one day I will get the guts to go up. Maybe.
2. Blarney Castle-Ireland. I made it up all those 100 steps, but thought better of kissing the blarney stone and that was way before people started worring about GERMS.
3. The Cliffs of Mohr- Again Ireland, it is very, very windy up there and so windy it blew my glasses off my face.
4. The Blue Moutains- Collingwood, Ontario Canada. These is a mountain range is popular in all seasons. For sking, snowboarding, hiking, and many other adventures.
5. The Lincoln Memoria-and Mt. Vernon home of George Washington. My two fav places I visited while in DC...

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

Hi Kathleen!

I've been trying to email you but I must have a bad address because it keeps bouncing. :-(

I HAVE been up the CN Tower in Toronto! Talk about a fantastic view! However, I did NOT have the nerve to walk across (or even put one foot on) the glass in the floor. YIKES!!! The cars waaay down below looked like hot wheels toys. :-)

I've been up on Blarney Castle too but also declined to kiss the stone. I knew there was NO WAY that little old man who was suppose to hold onto you as you bent backward could hold ME!

Been to the Cliffs of Mohr as well, and could have used some of your wind. The day we were there it was so foggy you couldn't see anything. :-(

I haven't been to the Blue Mountains in Ontario, but I HAVE been to the ones in Australia and they are FAB-U-LOUS!

Thanks again for stopping by, I really appreciate your support,

jennifer tanner said...

Hi AC!

The Washington Monument is fabulous. I also like the Lincoln Memorial. The view from the Empire State Building is cool too...but it took forever to get to the viewing deck.

I've never been to Yellowstone. That's some place I'd like to go.

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

Hi Jen!
I've been up on the Empire State Bldg too. Man, that high speed elevator is enough to make ya toss your cookies! :-P I went to the roof of the World Trade Center back in the 90s. Talk about WINDY! Been up in the John Hancock bldg in Chicago too. Another FABULOUS view!

Yellowstone is really spectacular. I'm sure you'll love it when you fiinally get there.


jennifer tanner said...

I've been to the Hancock building too... waaaaaaaaaaaay up there. Chicago at night looks like a giant Lite Brite.

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

LOL Jen, on Chicago looking like a Lite Brite. My mom HATED those toys, mainly because she was always vacuuming up those little pegs. :-P

I think San Francisco at night looks really pretty from the Marin side.