Wednesday, August 10, 2011


You may have noticed that all the pictures have disappeared from my blog.



Okay, I'll admit, this was partly my fault. A couple of weeks ago, I volunteered to be a beta tester for a new Google online community. Why not? Sounded like fun, and it was for a few days. Then, to my HORROR, I logged onto my "profile" in this community and discovered that in addition to the photos I'd downloaded, ALL my photos-- personal, family and vacation shots, the works -- were sitting there on my profile just waiting for someone to come along and... ACK!!!

I admit, I freaked out more than a little and rushed to delete those "photo albums" that I had not downloaded. No, I did not read the fine print. I was too flustered. But Google, in its infinite wisdom, also deleted those pictures from ALL Google products. Since this blog is a "Google product" (on a Google platform) --


I've filled out their customer service forms, but to no avail it seems. And I'm too old to possess the time or patience to go in and add pictures to over four years worth of blog posts.

So... as of today, I'll be starting again to include pictures in my blog... HERE!


Kathleen O said...

Oh I would be freaking out.. I am a great offender of not reading the fine print too. But I am especially more careful on my computer when things like this can happen..

By the way I have just become a big fan of yours. My first read was The Wild Irish Sea and I will be playing catch up with your other books. What is coming our way next with your books..


Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

Hi Kathleen!

I just received you lovely email. Thank you SOOO much! I'm thrilled that you enjoyed TWIS and hope you like the other two books as well. ;-)

I'm horrible about not reading long stretches of legalese. I KNOW BETTER, but sometimes I'm in a rush, and SEE WHAT HAPPENS?!?! I will definitely be more careful in future.

As for what's new in my writing, I hope to have a new story up on Amazon next month. It will be a short novelette and will be a prequel to The Wild Sight (my first published book). I'll be blogging more about it very soon!