Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Eight years ago yesterday, I rescued my pug-wa-wa from the city pound.

I was working with a dog rescue group and went there to see another dog the rescue coordinators were interested in. That dog had already been adopted. But as I walked by the building that housed the small dogs and puppies, one puppy was howling, squalling, and making quite a racket.

When I stepped inside, this pretty little tan dog in the cage next to the noisy puppy looked up at me with pleading eyes that plainly said, "Please, get me OUT OF HERE!" I called the attendant and took the little dog out for a walk. Three things immediately became apparent to me:
  1. She was leash trained.
  2. She was also potty trained.
  3. No way was I leaving her there!
Luckily the vet was on premises that day, and she confirmed what I guessed (by the scar on her belly), she was already spayed. Two hours and eighty dollars adoption fee later, I took the pretty little tan dog home with me.

It was a beautiful autumn day (just like yesterday, and today!), so I named her Autumn. Turned out she was also crate trained, and a fierce guardian (in spite of a bark that sounds like a wind-up toy) of all she considers hers. Whomever lost her (she was picked up on the street) lost a jewel, and I am thankful everyday that I was lucky enough to find her!

Being part pug (as I was assured by a Pug Rescue group) she does snore like a buzz-saw, but other than that, she is THE WORLD'S MOST PERFECT DOG!

Have you "found" a pet? Or had one "find" you? Weren't they THE GREATEST?!?! Please share your story with Aunty and everyone.


jennifer tanner said...

Hola AC!

One of my cats was found in a dumpster. The other I picked up at the county shelter. Both cats were house-trained, one already neutered.

I almost came home with a Chow dog when I was at the shelter getting the cat. Seeing all the animals there in need of a good home broke my heart.

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

Hey Jen,
Rescued pets are definitely THE BEST!

I had to stop working with the rescue group because going to the pound was just too much for me to handle. :-( Plus, I could NOT take any more animals, and I know I would have. ;-)


Kristina Mathews said...

We lived on an old ranch when we were first married. We were adopted by a little grey kitten. Matted fur, goopy eyes and the sweetest disposition you'd ever seen. We took the stray to the vet. We were given antibiotic eye cream and took her back home. She was the sweetest creature ever. She used to sneeze- three times, if I remember correctly. She never quite got fully grown, and after several attempts at clearing up the eye infection, we took her back to vet only to find out she had a tumor in her sinus cavity. Being newlyweds, we didn't have the money for surgury so we took her home, loved her as best as we could and one day she didn't come home. She was so sweet, that she spared us the pain of having to put her down.

She was the best cat ever.

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

Oh Kristi!
Thanks for sharing your story. How lucky you were to have such a sweet natured little cat for as long as you did.

My old cat did the same thing. She was about 15 or 16 and in failing health. Taking her to the vet was sheer torture. One day, she went out and just didn't come home. So sad, but I'm sure she knew neither of us wanted to make that last drive.


maggieblackbird said...

That was a very touching story. I always enjoy hearing about someone's fur kids.

I've rescued many dogs and cats. Right now I have to very spoiled Alaskan Malamutes snoozing on the couch.

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

Hi Maggie!

Thanks for dropping by my blog. Malamutes are such beautiful dogs! I just went to your site and looked at your babies -- GORGEOUS!

I'll never have anything but a rescued pet again. They are the GREATEST!