Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ten Random Facts

Several weeks ago, my buddy Jennifer Tanner tagged me on her blog, Romance and Other Legal Stimulants ( to do a post on Ten Random Facts. Try not to faint, Jen, but I have finally gotten that famous "round tuit!"

Here then in no particular order are my Ten Random Facts:

  1. I've always lived in California, and of all the places I've visited, the #1 place I'd chose to live is... CALIFORNIA!
  2. I first heard (and liked) classical music on Bugs Bunny cartoons.
  3. My all time favorite flavor of ice cream is Rocky Road.
  4. If my son had been a girl, I planned to name him Nicole Susanna. His great-grandmother was Susie and his grandmother (my mom) was Anna. I just happened to like the name Nicole.
  5. My dog is named for the designer of the Shelby Cobra sports car.
  6. My favorite part of watching American football is "the huddle." All those lovely muscled rear-ends are great eye candy!
  7. My mother told me I was left-handed from birth, but I successfully do two things right-handed: knit and cut with scissors.
  8. I refuse to own a cell phone!
  9. I saw Jim Morrison and the Doors in concert. My son considers this the coolest thing I have ever done.
  10. I think the coolest thing in the world is FAN MAIL!
Okay, the ten things was difficult enough, but this is the part really hanging me up... I'm suppose to "tag" four other people with blogs to do their own "Ten Random Facts." I'm afraid I've only come up with two. Both are Chaptermates: Jansen Schmidt who was my guest a couple of weeks ago and just started her own blog (, and Caroline Hanson whose blog is also the title of her debut novel Love Is Darkness (

Now it's YOUR turn. Please share some random facts with Aunty!


Kathleen O said...

mmmmmm 10 Random things about me..

1.I have always lived in Ontario, Canada; no where else I would rather be, except in the winter, I would rather be in Florida.

2.If I was able to have children, that are not possible now, I would have liked my daughter to be called Courtney and my son Cody. The odd thing was that my brother’s twins are Cassandra and Cory. They did not know of my name choices.

3. love to Read a good romance. Not surprised at this one I am sure.
4.I am the only girl of four brothers’.

5.I love everything Irish and Scottish.. not a surprise here given my name and all.

6.I adore my many nieces and nephews. They all have Auntie Kathleen wrapped around their little fingers.

7.I am addicted to DWTS. Even though I am ticked that they let Kim Kardashin on this show and now her brother Rob… Sorry not a fan.

8.My BFF’s are the most special gals in the world. I could have not got through the last couple of years, without them.

9.I love blogs like this. I have become addicted to them and a lot of author book club chats…

10.I moved away from the city I was born and raised up in after 45 yrs and although I miss my family and friends, I love where I live and have no real desire to go back to the hustle and bustle of city of millions and am glad to live in a city of just over a thousand… Now this is the biggest surprise of all..

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

Thanks for sharing your VERY KEWL LIST, Kathleen!

FOUR brothers?!?! I bet you were teased... A LOT! ;-) My brothers are both younger than me, and I picked on them until they got BIGGER than me. Then I very wisely stopped. HA!


Anonymous said...

I refuse to own a cell phone, too. Phones were never my thing. And I also love the classical music on Bugs Bunny, especially the Barber of Seville.

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

Hey Maggie!

Great to know I'm not the only Luddite who refuses to get one of those infernal cell phones. :-P

I loved that Bugs Bunny cartoon of The Barber of Seville! Bugs slapping Elmer Fudd's head with his ears was my favorite part. Also loved "What's Opera Doc?" with the music of Wagner. ;-)


Jennifer Tanner said...

Okay, AC...

I'll never be able to look at another football huddle without thinking of you!