Tuesday, August 21, 2007

All Is Forgiven

One of my CPs and one of my beta readers have decided the heroine of my current WIP is selfish and pushy. :cry: HUH?!?! My cute-as-a-button little heroine?

So I went back and looked at the passage they were both citing and yes, she did sound that way. But only because this was written in the hero's POV, and he really does not like her at that point in the story. Obviously if this comes across so strongly, I've done my job properly.

I brought this up to one of them and then mentioned that also at this point, my hero isn't exactly Mr. Wonderful either. He has run away from his problems, ignored his family for fifteen years and is only back now because his sister has "guilted" him into being there. My friend admitted that this was true, but she went on to say, "He's a hunk with a cute tush, so I can forgive his other shortcomings." Allllll righty then! :razz:

That got me to thinking (always a dangerous proposition!)...

Is this true of most romance readers? Since most readers are women, and most of us (myself included) LUVRE the hero, does that mean we accept his imperfections more readily? :roll: Think of some of the heroes in the romance novels that are so popular: Macho cops and special forces guys, arrogant historical aristocrats, uber-alpha vampires and shapeshifters.

In real life, I'd probably bitch-slap all of 'em in about ten seconds, but in fiction... Love and a hot bod really does conquer all! :mrgreen:


Caren Crane said...

Yes, dear Aunty, we *do* forgive our heroes all and expect our heroines to act better. But not right off the bat. They must have some room to grow and improve; however, they must be likable. As in, have some likable trait with which we identify.

Make her kind to animals or a pushover for little kids. Nice to old people. Helpful to those in need. The hero doesn't have to see that, but we do so we can root for her. Then, when the hero thinks jerky thoughts about her, we can be irritated with him for not seeing her great qualities!

Aunty Cindy said...

Oh good! I knew it wasn't just ME who forgives the hot bod most anything. And not to worry, my reader-friend even commented that my heroine DOES have other redeeming qualities, not the least of which is an enormous appreciation for the hero's hot bod...