Thursday, August 30, 2007

Needed: A BIG Book of Answers

The past few weeks I've been developing ideas for my next writing project, and I find myself teetering on that uncomfortable fence of uncertainty unable to make up my mind. Should this book have a contemporary or an historical setting?

My last three stories have all been contemporaries, though all have some historical aspects in varying degrees. And no, editors and agents have not exactly been beating down my door to publish them.

I keep reading and hearing how "historicals are making a comeback!" And I've had several friends make their first sales in the historical sub-genre. But I've also had some make first sales with contemporary settings too. I read in both sub-genres and with my love of history, the research wouldn't be a burden...

What do to? What to do?!?!

If only there were a big book of answers somewhere! "If you do this then thus and so will happen. But if you do thus and so, then this will happen."

IF ONLY.....


Christine Wells said...

Sometimes you can have too much choice, AC!

What about historical romantic suspense?

Aunty Cindy said...

Hey Christine!
WHAT are you doing out of your deadline cave?!?!?!

Actually, I'm thinking it will be a paranormal historical romantic suspense. Might as well cover ALL bases! HA!

Is there a "Big Book of Answers" in Oz? If so, I'm calling Qantas to book the first flight out of SF! Now, BACK to that cave you naughty wench!

Anonymous said...

All right AC- just write what you love- I know- easy for me to say, I'm not a writer!! :)

Aunty Cindy said...

Hi Anon!
(Do you 'look' familiar?!?!)
I'm sorry I didn't see your comment sooner, but as I posted yesterday, I've been without a monitor for several days (felt like 4EVER!) and had NO ACCESS to my blogs or writing! ACK!

I HAVE decided to go with the historical setting for the book. Agents and editors are always saying they want "the next big thing" but they don't know what that is until they see it. Well, maybe this book will be IT!

thrilled to be back in cyberspace