Sunday, August 26, 2007

Another AYU bites the dust!

Seeing a "First Sale" is always good news. If it can happen for somebody else, it can happen for ME! When that "First Sale" happens to a writing buddy, that's even better!

I'm tickled PINK to say there's been a LOT of that happening lately. When we started our group blog Romance Bandits back in March, we had 4 published and 15 AYUs (As Yet Unpublished) in our ranks. Since June, we've had 3 more move over to the published side (Christie, Trish , and Jeanne). Well, this week we had NUMBER 4! SUPER CONGRATS to Beth!

The count now stands at 8 and 11. LOVE how that scale is slowly tipping! And if you want to read Beth's (and Christie, Trish and Jeanne's) "Call Story" just hop on over to the Bandit blog.


Anonymous said...

Hey Sis! Congrats to your friend! Just wanted you to know I DO READ your blog- I just don't comment, cause what could I have to say about a topic I know so little about! I read it cause I need to feel clsoe to you, and cause you make me laugh my *&^ off most of the time! And remember- it WILL HAPPEN!!
Love ya, Whit

Aunty Cindy said...

SOOO good to "see" you here, Whit! And pffft not knowing squat about a subject has never stopped EITHER OF US from commenting anyway. :-P