Sunday, January 13, 2008

A Bandit Invasion!

One of the coolest sites on the net for romance readers and writers is Romance Novel TV. They have video clips, interviews with BIG NAME authors (Connie Brockway and Mariah Stewart are just two examples), and a really great forum area. (Just click on the title of this blog entry to take you to the site.)

In short, it's a HAPPENIN PLACE! That's why it was such a surprise and delight to get an invitation from the folks at Romance Novel TV for the Romance Bandits to blog with them from Jan. 21st through Feb. 1st!

Since there are twenty of us Banditas, we are pairing up for each of the days (Mon. -- Fri.). My good buddy and CP, Jo Lewis-Robertson (aka Jo-Mama) and I will be in the spotlight on Tuesday, Jan. 29th. We plan to discuss "The Devil Is In The Details -- Research, BSing, and Choreography." This will be my first time as a guest on another site and I'm really excited!

Our Bandit Invasion is sure to be lots of fun, and we'll probably be giving away prizes like we often do on the Bandit Blog. Please drop by! You have to be registered to comment, but anyone can lurk and read the comments and vicariously join the fun.

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