Friday, January 25, 2008

There Really Is No Place... HOME that is!

I arrived home on Wednesday after a 10+ hour plane flight. UGH! Even though the trip was wonderful, I'm sooo happy to be home again.

WARNING: Rant about to happen.

Why is it there are NO washcloths in Europe? Seriously. None.

Granted, we didn't stay in luxury accommodations, but they were not the youth hostels and private B&Bs we frequented in our back-packing days (I brought my own towel back then). But these were both very nice three star establishments with plenty of towels.

However, in London they gave us these weird little mitts made of material the same consistency as those fabric softener sheets you throw in the dryer. I'm supposed to wash with that??? Still, better than Paris where they gave us NOTHING resembling a washcloth. Thank goodness I had a fit of intuition (or maybe it was a memory flash of the back-packing trips) and threw one ratty old washcloth into my suitcase right before we left.

Okay, rant over.

The Bandit Invasion of Romance Novel TV is going along great guns. Hope you will all go over to their site and check us out, especially next Tuesday, Jan. 29th when JoMama and I will be the featured Banditas.

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